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Resource Management & Utilization Today with Planning for Tomorrow
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NTHA Year End Report 2017-18
Interested in what we have been up to this year? Read our year-end report to find out! Thanks to the support of the Hardwood Development Council and our members, we were able to provide the following activities, outreach, and support in 2017-18 and look forward to building on those successes in 2019!>>

New E & S Plan Template for Timber Harvesting Operations
Over the past year, NTHA has worked with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture - Hardwoods Development Council, the Pennsylvania Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee, and others in a workgroup to update and republish the E&S Plan Template for Timber Harvesting Operations. We are happy to announce that the new plan is official and available for use!

The DEP's Bureau of Clean Water has worked with the group and has posted the updated template to DEPís eLibrary website HERE

The template is intended for operations that require a written E&S Plan under ß 102.4(b)(2), but do not require a permit under Chapter 102.

Log Exports to China
AHEC (American Hardwood Export Council) has provided the following information on the situation in China regarding the inspections of containers with untreated logs.>>

Spotted Lanternfly Resources
PA Dept. of Ag - Spotted Lanternfly General Information

Spotted Lanternfly Permits Update
The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) has rolled out a new permitting system for businesses, municipalities, state and federal agencies, and other organizations working within the 13-county quarantine zone. Training AND TESTING are now required in order to receive a permit. Attached is a notice from the PDA detailing the new permitting system.>>
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