Northern Tier Hardwood Association - Resource Management & Utilization Today with Planning for Tomorrow
Resource Management & Utilization Today with Planning for Tomorrow!

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Sample Letter for Members to send to your Legislators
Attached is a sample letter that you can use to contact your legislators. Please click HERE to easily find your legislators. Please also consider adding a personal message to the letter.>>

Forestry Career Pathway Letter>>

Game of Logging General Info Brochure
A general brochure with more information about the Game of Logging chainsaw safety training. Please let us know which classes you are interested in by sending us the form included in the brochure.>>

My Ash Trees are Dying - What Do I Do?
The Emerald Ash Borer(EAB) is an invasive beetle that has killed millions of ash trees from the Midwest to the Northeast United States. EAB has been confirmed in most of Pennsylvania, leaving landowners wondering what to do with the ash in their yards and woodlots. The following brochure can provide more information how to manage your dead or dying ash trees.>>

Pennís Woods: The Forest Resource and Forest Products Industry of Pennsylvania ...more>>

Snake Bite Protocol>>

Gas Timber Brochure>>